Do You Ship?

Yes! We can ship (most) anywhere. Round trip shipping is included in all of our pricing.

What are your panels made of?

Our panels are made from solid plastic sheet material. By using this material the panels have a uniform look that works beautifully for lighting and projection. A solid panel is also significantly more scratch and dent resistant.

How much do you panels weigh?

A 16x32’ design weighs about 240lbs. Make sure whatever your panels are hung from can support the first!

How do I hang your panels?

The panels can be hung several different ways, a lot of it depends on what you are hanging them from. We suggest having a batten (rigid pipe) hung over the stage and attach the panels directly to that. They can be hung with a 1.5” pipe hanger that attaches directly to the pipe. Tieline or adjustable Gripple can also be used.

How do your panels attach to one another?

Each panel comes with a hardware set (painted bolts, wing nuts, and a connection plate) and a connection plate that is used to tie the panels together.

How do I start to hang the panels?

We recommend going one row at a time, this ensures that the panels are level and square. Our panels are made with a high degree of accuracy and making sure they hang level and square will make the install a breeze.

How long does it take to install a set?

If you already have a batten in place it should only take a few hours for a couple of people to hang.

Can I order black panels?

Yes! We love the look of creating negative space in the designs. While not great for projection, using a mix of white and black panels creates some great looks. Contact us if there is something specific you’re looking for.

Can you do custom design?

Yes! Our team can work with anything from a napkin sketch to a cad drawing. Patterns that work best tend to be those that are symmetrical and repeatable, this makes installation much simpler. Just shoot us a message and we'll see how we can help. 

What happens if I damage a panel?

Stuff happens, a panel gets dropped or damaged...we get it. Every order comes with 1-2 extra panels and spare connectors. Your time is valuable, and we want to keep things moving for you.

Do you have portable options?

Yes, in a portable application we suggest using a snap ring to connect the panels together. This limits the precision of the spacing between panels but drastically cuts down on setup time (you can leave columns of panels connected together if stored properly). Contact us if this is something you’re interested in.